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    Life & Parenting Coach

    On reflection, the different stages of my life have taught me how important it is to believe in myself and others to empower ourselves and to live a life we desire.

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    Dear Dolly, my Coach

    Indeed, taking actions and forming new habits which are key elements I learnt through coaching could not be more than real if I did not make the conscious effort to create the new wiring to my potential uniqueness. How powerful when I applied this theory and I am earnest in discovering more and more about myself.

    I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for having kindly walked with me through this painful and gainful journey.

    During the darkest and most vulnerable moments of my life, you had generously shared your spirit of supporting, giving and caring through your coaching profession. You skillfully worked with me on setting and visualizing my three inspiring goals at the start, and were sharp in identifying the usefulness of the coaching skills set as a life skill I could find synergistic to my Human Resource Management profession. Meeting you through my coaching sessions had been inspiring and insightful. Your questioning skills and dialogue with me had always challenged me to deeper thinking and cultivated much mental preparedness forging ahead for the goals. You were sensitive in stretching me to realize my strengths and yet balanced with endearing support and tenderness to keep me in momentum.

    Through our coaching journey, you are more than my Coach; you are now my friend and confidante, and I have respect, admiration and trust in you.

    Having the chance to complete, with your encouragement, my Intensive Coaching Training, I can endorse that you are truly a coaching professional with a wealth of experience, expertise, passion and compassion!

    Chan Seow Yang, Author of "Possibilities Abound"

    "The coaching Dolly has given me has helped me become more aware and confident of my abilities. Looking back at our few months together, I am amazed by how much has happened and changed for the better in my life. Such is the power of coaching! Dolly herself is an inspiration; everything she does is rooted in her values and this shows in how she is and how she coaches. More power Dolly!

    I really wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have had you as my Coach and to be friends with you.

    Thank you also for allowing yourself to be used by the Universe as it conspires to make things happen for me. Through you I have not only gained skills, confidence and new habits, I have also gained clarity of purpose and a real sense of wonder and amazement at all the possibilities available to me. You are a real inspiration to me. I wish you all the best in your endeavours. I know that you will be successful because your heart is always in the right place."

    Darlene, Life Coach

    "Setting goals to cover aspects of my life has allowed me to get a balance which I was previously lacking. Consistent sessions with my coach to do a goals-audit definitely propelled me to phenomenal growth with a short span of 10 months. I learnt that if I can’t do something, then I must! When Dolly touches your life, you can be rest assured that only extremely great things happen for you! Her honesty and dedication is unparalleled. I admire her professionalism and definitely her sessions gave me a renewed sense of motivation to get off my butt and get things done NOW!! Dolly, I cannot thank you enough for the enormous positivity you have injected into my life by giving me space to reflect as well as pulling me back to take action when I was drifting away. I think a website of your own would definitely help others get to know more about the good work you do every single day. I think you could write a book. MOST OF ALL, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!!"

    Ramesh Muthusamy, Trainer

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    Stop Parenting Start Coaching-Parent Leadership

    By admin | June 10, 2010

    The interactive talk I gave on Stop Parenting Start Coaching covers a new way of parenting using coaching principles. It was a very interactive group where the question post was, “I know all these theories but I just can’t find myself applying it!” There are many reasons why parents are stuck. KNOWING is easy. There are tons of books out there. And with a click of a button you can have access to all the tips you can find in the internet on parenting.

    What really stop most parents, is the fear of working on themselves. It requires courage for us to face our own fears. The step by step process of Stop Parenting Start Coaching Programs enable parents to first become aware of their parenting styles; Their behaviors, their beliefs, their habits and their values.

    One tip I gave to parents is to exercise. A parent asked, “Don’t tell me that every time I feel stressed I must go to the gym?” Well, there are many things that one can do, “Swim, listen to positive and inspiring audio on the way home.” “Go to Coffee Bean or Starbucks to unwind with buxom friends.” “Have a fancy ice cream.” “Treat yourself to a SPA, massage or watch a comedy.” Do something you enjoy and have fun!

    When was the last time you had fun?

    One of the teachers that I learned from is Byron Katie.

    She says she realized the cause of her intense suffering and depression “was not the world around her, but the beliefs she’d had about the world.” That was what speaker and spiritual teacher Byron Katie said in her ‘Soul series’ interview with Oprah Winfrey.

    I regularly visit Byron Katie’s teachings whenever I am stuck in my communication with my kids. Listening to her audio does help me get out of my disempowering state of mind. I also listen whenever I go jogging which is twice a week now to feel good and to build my fitness and my mind muscle. Getting ready for the next marathon in December!

    Start to take care of yourself, your beliefs about the world will change to serve you powerfully. The way to develop parent leadership is to put yourself as the priority. Love yourself.

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    One Response to “Stop Parenting Start Coaching-Parent Leadership”

    1. Vidhya Dandi Says:
      April 11th, 2011 at 9:33 pm

      Hello Dolly –
      I “tumbled” upon your site and instantly love your blog. I have a question – You mention that you “regularly visit Byron Katie’s teachings whenever I am stuck in my communication with my kids”. Could you please share with me the name of the audio – I very much appreciate your response.