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Hi!  I am Dolly Yeo

When I was in my late forties, I had everything and felt nothing.  Bigger house, more material things. But my relationship with my three children and spouse went south.

I was in my family business for 17 years.  I gained confidence, learning from my father's entreprenuer skills. But very often I found myself caught between office and home feeling guilty most of the time.  When I was at home, I think about the business. When I was at work, I worry about my children. I was not really present to my children. 


After learning coaching skills, and attended many self-development courses, I modified and created the three As Principles of Coaching:-

1) To increase Awareness

2) Practise Active Listening

3) Practise Asking Powerful Questions

I had a mindset shift from learning that 'For Anything to Change, it Begins with Me' from  

Dr. Wayne W Dyer. From Marshall Thurber's workshop, I leant that we could live upto 120 years.

These were two life changing strong effects that had led me to focus on Self-Empowerment and I have

not looked back.  Since the inception of Mindset coaching in 2003, for 18 years, I Speak, Train

and Coach focused on Mindset, self-empowerment and now living an Ikigai Lifestyle.


These are topics I am passionate about:-

1) Find Your Ikigai Lifestyle

2) Self-empowerment

3) Mental Wellness


Divorced at age 59, I went back to workforce. Left after three years and went on to create 'How to Reinvent Yourself with Ikigai Lifestyle'. Friends and people I know described me as a Mindset Coach passionate about Inspiring and Empowering people in Transition to embrace change and increase confidence.


My Vision is to Be Myself and Celebrate Life!.  

I have integrated my work-life living my values. I am living an Ikigai Lifestyle!

According to research, 'Work-Family' conflict are linked to increased strained relationships and Mental Wellness. My family is one of the statistics. Lack of active listening and self-expressions prevent us from having meaningful conversations.  Overtime it resulted in low self-esteem and  broken relationships. 

If you are stressful seniors, working parents, or people in transition who want to know more on how to:-


1) Rebuild Strained Relationships

2) Develop Resilience;

3) Find Your Ikigai

4) Reinvent Yourself 


Begin with yourself. The Program I created is a Mindset Shift from trying to solve problems to Focusing on Solutions.

I discovered that everyone's life is in a transition from the day we were born to where we are right now. The different stages in our life:-

8 Stages Theory by Evelyn Duvall

The Family Life Cycle

1) Beginning Family

2) Child Bearing Family

3) Family with Preschoolers

4) Family with School Age Children

5) Family with Teenagers

6) Launching

7) Empty Nest

8) Aging Family


Take a look at the 8 Stages in life.  At each stage there are changes in our lives. Think or reflect on what are your challenges and rewards?

Write it down and be grateful for the rewards, look at the challenges and find out whether they have repeatedly happened during your transitions through the life stages.  See whether you could see any pattern there and whether there is something you wish to unlearn and relearn to break the pattern or improve the situations. Do some research. We all have blind spots, we can't do it alone, that is where a Mindset Coach could help you rediscover your true self and live meaningful life with peace and joy. The Ikigai Way.