Dolly Yeo, Founder of Mindset Coaching shares her thoughts below:

I discovered that everyone's life is in a transition from the day we were born to where we are right now. The different stages in our life.

The Family Life Cycle

8 Stages Theory by Evelyn Duvall

1) Beginning Family

2) Child Bearing Family

3) Family with Preschoolers

4) Family with School Age Children

5) Family with Teenagers

6) Launching

7) Empty Nest

8) Aging Family


Take a look at the 8 Stages in life, think or reflect what are your challenges and rewards? Write it down and be grateful for the rewards, look at the challenges and find out whether they have repeatedly happened during your transitions through the life stages.  See whether you could see any pattern there and whether there is something you wish to unlearn and relearn to improve the situations.  What are the things you wish to plan ahead?  Do some research. 

Beginning Family: The couple establishes their home but does not yet have children. 

Developmental Tasks: Establishing a satisfying home and marriage/ relationship and preparing for children 



Childbearing Family: From the birth of the first child until that child is 2 1/2 years old. 

Developmental Tasks: Adjusting to increased family size; caring for an infant; providing a positive developmental environment.




Family with Preschoolers: When the oldest child is between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6. 

Developmental Tasks: Satisfying the needs and interests of preschool children; coping with demands on energy and attention with less privacy at home.


Family with School Children: When the oldest child is between the ages of 6 and 13. 

Developmental Tasks: Promoting educational achievement and fitting in with the community of families with school-age children.




Family with Teenagers: When the oldest child is between the ages of 13 and 20. 

Developmental Tasks: Allowing and helping children to become more independent; coping with their independence; developing new interests beyond child care.




Launching: From the time the oldest child leaves the family for independent adult life till the time the last child leaves. 

Developmental Tasks: Releasing young adults and accepting new ways of relating to them; maintaining a supportive home base; adapting to new living circumstances.




Empty Nest: From the time the children are gone till the marital couple retires from employment. 

Developmental Tasks: Renewing and redefining the marriage relationship; maintaining ties with children and their families; preparing for retirement years.




Aging Family: From retirement till the death of the surviving marriage partner. 

Developmental Tasks: Adjusting to retirement; coping with the death of the marriage partner and life alone.



The environment shapes us. There is nothing to say that we are born in the right place and/or the right time. Regardless of where and when everything is perfect as it is and as it is not.  The awareness of self could only help us make choices that could give us the experiences we want.


The key word is to accept, adjust and adapt.  The people we meet, the things that happened throughout the 8 stages    meant to be for us to learn and grow.  I call them life lessons. The wise thing to do is to be grateful for what we have and not to focus on what we don't have. Noticed that what we resist, persist.  When we are open to reflect and understand that everyone is unique, we are likely to see their perspectives based on who they are. To constantly and positively look at people without judging them, this could only allow us to feel more at peace, make us stronger and better.

Mindset Coaching is to help people in transitions embrace change, increase confidence and celebrate life! 

As soon as you find out what is most important to you, you will become more aware of what are the things that empower you and what are the things that disempower you; Make an effort to get out of comfort zone to focus on what you want before you bring the same habits that is not serving you to the next stage in life.

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