The Ikigai Walk is for people who want to find their Ikigai. 

Kindly email: to check availability or make enquiries. 


Ikigai walk is organised when we have minimum two to go

Duration -  approx. 1 hour Walk and 1 hour group sharing. Total: 2 hours

Participants are required to bring their own journal.

Venue: Peirce Reservoir 

(Day and date to be confirmed)


MISSION: To inspire and empower people in transition to embrace change,

increase confidence and celebrate Life;  



1.    Add value to yourself and others

2.    Build Self-Belief and confidence

3.    Connection and collaboration



4.    Ikigai means life's journey towards fulfilment and value, create new possibilities with a sense of purpose.

5.    Referencing blue zones - Countries where people live longer, healthier and happier.

6.    Set goals that aligns with your own values to have peace and joy

7.    Shared values - Inspire, empower, support and encourage each other.

8.    Cultivate Growth Mindset environment for adding value, building self-belief, confidence and connection.

9.    Indemnity: The organiser will not be held responsible for any mishaps, injuries, damages or losses arising from any cause whatsoever during any activities held anytime.

Enjoy Educational, Engaging and Empowering practical activities to be fitter, healthier and happier.  It’s a journey and not a destination.  Each milestone is celebrated as a journey of success. According to statistics 75% is your lifestyle and your environment. About 15% of how long you live is dictated by your genes. About 10% is how good your insurance and your surrounding hospitals are; Referencing blue zones research by Dan Buettner.