My Passion is to Inspire

Divorced at age 59, the message I want to send to people who are in life transition is, DO NOT GIVE UP! Things will get better. That was six years' ago. Today in 2019 my goal is to Be Energised!  I am reinventing myself with Ikigai In Blue Zones.  I started a Live Your Values Walk and invite some friends to join me to be fitter, healthier and happier.  It's our birth right to be healthy and happy.

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of living a meaningful and purposeful life. Wealth means doing things that are important.  Usually it is the relationships we have with family, friends and the community that gives meaning to our existence. 

I was helping my parents in their retail shop for 17 years.  It was an unknown territory for me. Fortunately, I had my father's blessings. His believe in me was a big booster to my confidence. Although it was very tough, the life skills cannot be learnt from schools. Those were the hard knocks that had helped me a lot in developing my confidence, and overcoming challenges. As a result, I can safely say that I am quite resilient. 

When I was in my late forties, I questioned the meaning of life.  I felt disconnected, lack of enthusiasm in life.  I had three children, my life was engaged mostly in their welfare.  There must be more to learn and do in life than breathing down the necks of my children, hovering like a helicopter mother.  Nagging them to study, sending them from one enrichment class to another.  As a result, it stresses the whole family. Sure didn't help as I struggled more when they become teenagers.  I had no clue how to manage negative emotions and what were the triggers.  I was operating from a place of fear.  Fear of not doing a good job as a mother.  Felt guilty most of the time which I now find, is one of the most disempowering emotions.  


After discovering self-development, I was unstoppable in my quest to learn more.  There were so many things I was unaware of. Took me at least a century to learn, unlearn, relearn how to be a happier and calmer person to be at peace with myself.   


Mindset Coaching was formed in 2003.  It started when I attended a talk by Marshal Thurber.  He said we could live up to 120 years old.  Before this talk, I was constantly thinking of retiring. After knowing I have another life time, I went for many self-development courses and seminars. I had an epiphany and a mindset shift. The best was taking a Life Coaching course where I could apply the principles and work on myself instead of trying to change others. I learned the hard way.  Now I am able to empower others to do the same.  

I got my webmaster to help me with a website, hence the birth of Mindset Coaching back in 2004. A lot of contents were in there.  Over 15 years, through that site and contacts, I had enquiries from people who were at a cross-road, had issue with parenting their teens, want to be in a committed relationship, hate their job but love their pay, loss of loved ones, fear of public speaking, husband and wife business stuck and want a breakthrough to move to the next level,  to name a few.  

I found what I did was impactful after seeing where they are at now flourishing in their own ways.

Being a self-employed can be lonely after many years, no one to brainstorm and share experiences.  So I decided to join the work force in a non-profit organization where the values and mission was totally aligned with my core value of self-empowerment. It was a rewarding experience as I could see the outcome of people I mentored, trained and create new initiatives for them to take over; And see leaders developed and go on to help others become leaders.  I learnt that effective leaders are those who have inspired others to be leaders themselves.  That is what I call success.

I have also learned that it is important to let go of good for great.  In 2018 April, I knew it's time for me to leave.  Too much of a good thing can be disempowering.  The signals and message were there.  I made a decision to explore other options and gave myself time to recalibrate what I really want to do.  I am mindful of who I work or collaborate with. Aligning values and knowing what my mission is, would help me move to the next level.  Come December 2018, I started setting goals to stay focused as we usher ourselves into 2019.  Things that I have been thinking and have not taken action, I would coach myself to set goals that aligns with my values.  One of the goals was to share my experiences and also share what are the concepts I would like to use to enjoy my journey forward. Concepts like Ikigai, Blue Zone lifestyle and collaborating with like minded people.  Hence, creating a website was the way that I could express myself and reach out.  My old website was customised so I decided to let it go and create a new one with a friendly user platform.  We have to be agile, adjust to changes to overcome obstacles and enjoy the journey with a growth mindset.

This is my first attempt to successfully create my own website. My strength is not in IT, fortunately, my daughter, Dewn offered to help me with the operation and technical things.  Otherwise, I was stuck when I started to try my hand using the free Wix site a couple of months ago!  She is also new to Wix, because of her efficiency, we were able to put in a lot of contents and it motivated me to continue writing into the early mornings, so this is passion.  For the past 1 week before the end of December, we relentlessly picked up the momentum and worked on the site for days and nights.  Excited to launch the website www.mindset-coaching.com soon. 


The objective of putting my thoughts into this site is to inspire, empower, support and encourage people who are facing the launching stage where children become independent, spend less time with you.  What I know for sure is that many people are in life transitions and I hope to be able to share my challenges and wins from my own transitions in life.  I benefited from many others sharing their life experiences and how they overcame the obstacles in life.  It is from other people's sharing that I knew that I am not alone. I hope the contents in Mindset Coaching could give you information to feel better when you are experiencing a struggle or mental block.


This process also allows me to evolve and has given me a lot of freedom to know myself, trust myself and be myself. The outcome is that, I could continue to embrace change, add value to my own life and others, increase confidence and celebrate life.

Your feedback is valuable

From your feedback, I would know what to share that could add value to your experiences.  From time to time, I would keep up to date with new tools that could help you know yourself better. Feel free to tell us what you think could support you to have clarity of your life directions. Feel free to email me at ikigaidolly@gmail.com


  • A Certified Life Coach with Results Coaching System (Australia) 2003

  • A Certified Active Parent Leader In “Families In Action” (USA).

  • Certified Behavioural Consultant (DISC)

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) 

  • Certificate in Counselling Psychology

  • A Professional Personal and Parenting Coach

  • Speaker - Parenting Congress

  • Live 93.8 Radio - Talk on Parent Coaching Series

  • Author of E-book - Stop Parenting Start Coaching

  • Trainer of Parent Coaching Workshop in Secondary Schools

  • Lunch/Public Talks in organizations

  • Ikigai Talks/Workshops

  • Group Coaching - Walks and