14 Days Challenge - Healthier Choice

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Healthier choice self empowerment
14 days Healthier Choice Challenge

June 7, 2019 we decided to start a Healthier Choice Challenge. We are a group of women who wanted to reinvent ourselves with Ikigai in Blue Zone. Basically, using Blue Zones concept of live longer, healthier and happier. I started Live Your Values Walk at the beginning of 2019. In my other blog posts, I wrote about how I wanted to experiment and experience my journey and bring others along to reinvent myself with Ikigai in Blue Zones. Not having certainty is a good start. Taking actions is the key to allow things to unfold and ultimately alignment of who we are as a group. As we resonate with each other's wins and challenges, I believe we developed trust, organically, a safe space was created.

live your values walk
Quiet, peaceful, safe space

This is a milestone check so that we all know where we are at, as a group. We resonated with each others' challenges and aspirations and felt a sense of belonging, a safe space that allows us to go inward to process the journey we are meant to take. A supportive, encouraging and empowering environment where we can be ourselves, in which most of them said they are grateful to be in. The ikigai concept is to allow each and everyone of us who are meant to be in the group to find our 'sweet spot'. This is the kind of coaching conversations that I aspire to move myself and others together forward. We have one day a week and 4 days in a month to practise self-empowerment dialogues. Surprisingly, in June 2019, it has evolved from a Live Your Values Walk to a Live Your Values Inner Circle. Such was the trust developed. A framework and tools were used and is communitcated to keep us informed. Having an intimate and small group makes it easier to be grounded. And yet the flexibility of each one of us kept us focussed on what matters uniquely to our situations. We all have work, travelling plans, continuous learning, and yet we are connected whole-heartedly. We are able to flow with the flow. In Abraham Esther's teachings, its letting go of the oars and allow instead of rolling upstream - the path of least resistance.


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