24 Days' Diet - reduced 46% Bad Cholesterol

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Lifestyle change is challenging but it can be done, if it's 2 steps forward, and 1 step back, it is still a progress. I used to eat out of habit, the Mee pok (our local noodles laden with lard and minced pork) chicken rice. These food has more salt, vegetable oil and there is hardly any vegetables. After several years' of trying to increase vegetables and fruits; Now I am beginning to crave for fruits and vegetables. Started since 2014.

That's a good 5 years of 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Progressively 3, 4, 5...steps forward and also 1, 2, 3 steps back. Habits take a long time to change. Some times, it takes a set back in life to give us that push factor. Lifestyle, beliefs and habits. It is easy to fall back into disempowering habits, especially when you are with a group of foodies who enjoy trying new cafe, restaurants and new eating joints.

Stuck many times, you can get stuck BUT never give up! Want to start, do it alone, not with nay sayers. Just like when I did my 24 days' diet. Reduced my cholesterol by 46%! Stay away from friends who don't support you. In their mind, they cannot do it, although well meaning friends, they are projecting their feeling onto yours. It is definitely your responsibility and not anyone

else's. Because I choose not to use drugs as food and choose food to prevent vs intervene.

Know why you want to change? What is the value and outcome you want. That's the power of setting goals that aligns with your values. In the process, you discover your strengths and weaknesses and gain more knowledge. Let go of disempowering habits & beliefs 🌈 Create new habits. This is where you break the pattern of old ways of thinking, gradually shift your mindset to anchor new creative ways of doing things.

Once you get the result, bring others along, don't do it alone. Add value to yourself and others - the Ikigai-ans' way of creating a supportive, encouraging and empowering environment where meaningful conversations take place and effective actions are taken. Bring someone along to share the story of why, how, what happened along the way. How we went back to same old same old and how to get back on to eating healthier and doing things that fulfill you. By sharing the wins and challenges of your journey, you help to shorten people's learning curve, just like what others' did for me. Pay it forward. That is why I want to Reinvent myself with Ikigai in Blue Zones as I subscribe to Dan Buettners' Blue Zones' movement.


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