93.8Live Reunion

So refreshing to be with light-hearted young man Stanley Leong and bubbly Pam Ho; Our reunion almost a decade after my most memorable series with them, love the synchronicity in the air in 93.8Live. Although it was my first time in the studio then, their uplifting energies and synergies made me feel so connected, our topic about parent coaching series was a breeze in 93.8Live.

Imagine in 93.8Live studio with Stanley and Pam flow with the flow. We have callers, called in to ask me questions about the challenges with their children. Expecting me to give them tips on the spot; I should be anxious, not knowing what they would ask and to answer them on the spot; But I was not, with Pam and Stanley around, I was very relaxed, calm and collected! Enjoying every moment in that friendly and yet professionally managed live studio.