Bukit Timah Summit-Highest point in Singapore

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Go with the flow. I am learning to listen to my emotions. Empathetic listening (Listening to Understand Feeling) Listening to my Authentic Self. When I feel calm, I know I am trusting myself. I joined this new group of friends, whom we met as we went for our LiveYourValues Inner Circle Walk. Their 3-1/2 hours walk from Windsor Park to Bukit Timah Summit seems like a challenge. I must thank them for holding the 'space' for me to join them. They were inclusive. Not knowing I could do it, they welcome me; And only told me at the end of the walk after 3 hours 45 minutes, that one of them was concerned whether I could make it. Grateful that they went with the flow too!

Well, understandable, I didn't know whether I could, I only know that, if I want to join them, I would do my best. Along the way, I trust that I would know what to do. I happened to watch a Korean drama series the nite before and one part was about a couple training in the gym tread mill and could not stop, if they stop, a bomb would be activated. So the lady said to the man, just look straight, focus on your breathing, don't think of anything. When the going was tough, I tuned in for inspiration and remembered that was actually using the meditative mind. For me, in this walk, I focus on my breathing, look at the trees and put one foot in front of the other, not thinking of anything else too. Knowledge applied rightfully. Mindful walking with gratitude. I am mindful of my thoughts, one negative thought would lead to another, and it is easy to spiral down.

With much gratitude, I could make it because of their openness, they are sporting, the ones in front pause and check, at the height of various gradients, the leader would positively uplift us with 'Good job!' I have learnt that people with compassion make you feel good, the one who walked behind would say, I am trying to catch up. I like to think that, he or she is making sure you are not last. Thinking positive and cultivating a positive mindset is easy. Keep appreciating people and little things in life and you will attract more good things. This is the story I have in my mind.

No rain, but I was drenched, a natural way to detox.

The Bukit Timah Summit is 163.63 meters

The longest pause was at the foot of the 150meters steps to the Bukit Timah Summit. Either we take the steps or the 600 meters concrete pathway to the Summit. The short cut is steep, the long is tedious. Again the natural leader simply knows what to say to motivate us! I like to believe that non of us felt forced to walk up the steep steps. Somehow, we garner the strength and grit, at our own pace walked up those steps to reach the Summit! I call that an Influential leader. In life, we seek help from others and we do the same for others, after we learned from them; We pay it forward. By sharing this, is a way I pay it forward and other ways as well. Will share more as we evolve to be our best self.