Getting a grasp on adventure

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I have been thinking of the idea of workaway, find out more from this site: This site matches people who need volunteers to do some work and volunteers looking to go overseas to have some experience helping out in different ways and at the same time site see and experience different cultures could find this a refreshing, meaningful and inexpensive way of meeting interesting people as well. It would be a fresh experience, since I prefer doing something different. Shopping and eating in the cities when I am abroad is not one of those things I like doing. I guess this year 2019 it's going to happen. There are more resources and choices if you would search through the internet or Facebook. Airfares seems to be cheaper than before. Most likely the nearby Asian countries. Fresh experience was one of the goals my daughter and I were setting for 2019. Workaway in Asia requires a smaller budget, provides the opportunity for experience in a different culture of the country, try new cuisines, contribute for a good course in exchange for accommodation and food. Bali, Chiang Mai or maybe Vietnam. Still in the planning stage.

Life is an adventure, have fun, explore what you love doing. If you have no idea, read, observe what others do. Get some idea what connects with you. Have an open mind. You will be surprised that many people have been enjoying their life. Our past does not equal to our future. Bring out the child in you and be child-like, not childish, if you know what I mean. I realised that the way we think either help us to live in the moment and think positive or create a pattern that keep us from moving forward with light-heartedness.

I used to be a negative person thinking of what might go wrong. As soon as I let go of that, I have created a new pattern in my life day by day and soon, it has become a new habit in me to think of new possibilities. Somehow, being positive has become a refreshing way of thinking.

You might be thinking, 'How can I to do that? When there are so many negative news, problems either in the news, or hearsay, or in facebook and many other social media or friends. At times, these news instill fear into us. Some news are relevant to our life, some are not, we just need to be discerning. The way I do it, is to set goals. Talk to people who are positive, who have done similar things and get information from them. Otherwise, do research, look out for reviews and take time for preparations. The goals or bite size actions help me to focus on what is most important to me. Otherwise, I would be stuck in the rut.

Many people said I am very positive, I didn't know that because time passes so fast. Things that appeared very challenging to them, they noticed that I was able to managed it well. No one knew that, you wet your pillows with tears of endearment. When you have children, you can't afford to wallow in self-pity for too long. Get up and get going despite the odds. At 59, I paid for my ACTA course, not knowing if I could recover my investment or where it could bring me. I guess, taking actions to move forward in life is the best way to armour yourself with skills. Self-empowerment has served me well all these years. On reflection, I realised I have been setting goals for many years, not afraid of failure, surround myself with positivity and learned to love myself. I have developed tenacity, grit and gumption. Especially after a hugh setback in my life, divorced at age 59! Eunice Olsen interviewed me in her WomenTalkTV featured in youtube and it's in my Home page in this website. I guess, after talking to many people, I realised that people who do not have hugh setbacks are not very inclined to invest time, money and resources to make changes in their life. Or maybe they are not ready.

Stay Positive

“When you changed the way you look at things, the things you look at changed!' Dr Wayne W Dyer.


Get Inspired

Learn new things, head over to youtube and learn from others if ever you get stuck with any technical stuff for your website, health, fitness, self-development, cooking, communications, any topic, there are loads of information. Self-taught may take a lot of time, for semi-retired people, it is a form of self-expression and developing creativity. There are many courses now for seniors and you might find some new friends to share ideas and learn from each other. Get a few friends and reinvent yourself! Enjoy and have fun!