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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

That's how we reinvent ourselves with Ikigai in Blue Zones. The Live Your Values' Walk, is to build relationships, create a safe space to support, encourage, & inspire each other. Share our wins and challenges the Ikigai-ans' way.

The basic requirement is to be willing to do something for ourselves. It is not about joining the group to help someone or me. It was clear from day one that you want to change and need support and are willing to also support others. Priority is to help yourself first - The core value is Self-empowerment. It is a process of learning to love yourself first. Something we are not used to do or believe in, from past conditioning.

To reinvent yourself requires a mindset-shift, one needs to be open to do things differently to uncondition your past beliefs, create new habits and live out your values to have peace and happiness. Basic requirement is to bring your journal. Write your goals, record your wins and challenges, and it is your prerogative to share or not to share with the group. Knowing that we are adults, have many years of life experiences, the way to go is to accept each individual as unique and special.

Cooling down after the Walk.

The concept of Ikigai augurs well with a self-discovery journey, observing where you are at, at this point of time in your life, not in the past nor in the future. Just working and accepting where you are now. The simple tools we used help us calibrate from where we are and where we want to go was easy to use. The regular Live Your Values Walk is to process who we want to become, the Ikigai-ans' way.

With the guiding principles that everyone resonate with, we were able to create a supportive, encouraging and inspiring environment. We respect each and every one of our goals, we are clear that it is important to develop rapport and trust to cultivate a safe space for all to feel supported. Set goals to align with your own values so that we are clear with what is most important to us. Not to do things for some one else. It is about transformation in action. Nothing begins without the clarity of our own values.

The weekly walk allows you to build relationships, connect and develop trust and share resources. Learn and exchange ideas. Once you are clear with the intention of this goal:- Reinvent Yourself with Ikigai in Blue Zones, you come with an open mind to do something different. A shift of mindset from self-love through self-empowerment.

Go to our event page to see or enquire when is the next Live Your Values' walk.

The outcome is to live a quality and long life with the support of people who want the same. Inspired by The Blue Zones' extensive research by Dan Buettner, believe in building communities to drive this movement.  I modified it to our local context.

Being comfortable with each other, it is easy to relax and have fun. Social emotional connection has been found to contribute to one's happiness. Walking close to nature has since been identified as one of the healthiest activity for physical and mental well being.


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