Practical Leadership

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Four things to pay attention to when you want to create something new, a good example is the Live Your Values Walk.

1) The first is energy. We receive and regenerate our energy. Keep focussed on what energize you.

2) The second is information. Help us make sense of our world. We absorb all kinds of stimuli from the world we live in. Digest and apply to figure out what we are experiencing. We increase our awareness of our five senses. (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching) or our intuition. Does what you do entice you to want to find out more?

3) The third is decision. Whether to be logical and objective thinkers or to be more focused on people, relationships, and feelings. When you initiate this walk, how are you going to lead?

4) The fourth is action. Whether to focused on control and system to help us make things happen in an organised way; Or to be more adaptive, open-ended and spontaneous. Know what is the style of leadership you enjoy.

If you dont know where to start, just focus on noticing where you are coming from. Is it a place of love or a place of fear. Love is accepting people for who they are right here and now. Not expecting them to be who you are or who you want them to be. This, I believe is a nurturing style. Personable. Don't think it would go well in a corporate environment. I so believe that everyone is unique, we are growing and at some point in our life transitions, when we are ready to get out of comfort zone, we would. Until then, hold the space for people to take their time.

Qualitative change - cultivate flexibility & openness. Listen with the heart so that you empathize with and connect with the person, meet them where they are and not focus on judging them. Nor insisting that they take actions immediately to achieve results albeit for themselves, may not be very empowering. It has to come from their willingness to be vulnerable, to be honest with themselves and readiness to change.

Quantitative change - Leverage by sharing resources, bring someone along and create a community where people believe in what you believe, and they can see the small and big picture. Set intention for all to win. Leaders are followers. Those who have leadership qualities, want to make an impact and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives would be attracted to your Vision and mission.


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