Wise Women Way

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I have been thinking of writing a book with a title 'Wise Women Way' ever since I was on a journey of self-discovery and became a Certified Life Coach in 2003.

Prior to this, for more than ten years I was actively on a learning journey in Toastmasters' activities. I had sharpened my listening skills, supported members, developed presentation projects and facilitation skills. Somehow, I took the participation in Executive Committee positions as opportunities for developing leadership and entrepreneur skills. As a President, I learnt to persuade, negotiate and inspire members to take on leadership positions and acquire mentoring skills as well. At the same time visiting other Clubs to network and learn from others. All these were volunteer work which made it more challenging to convince people to hold and commit to positions which require much time to make the Club successful.

When I found my self-development plateaued in Toastmasters, someone introduced me to attend Anthony Robbins seminar. It was an eye-opening seminar. Initially, I thought it was a cult. Later, I found that it was a kind of 'brainwashing'. Why I said it was kind of a brainwashing, I started to think differently. And when I applied changing the state of mind with my children, it worked.

My mindset was shifted after I attended a three hours talk by Marshal Thurber. I only took one thing from this workshop which cost me $38.00. He said we would live upto 120 years old. I realised I have another life-time! I was in my late 40s and my mind was constantly occupied with a retiring mindset; Because at that time, 55 is the 'retirement' age where everyone is expecting to take out our CPF!

From then onwards, attending seminars was unstoppable. There was Anthony Robbins seminars in Singapore and in Gold Coast, Money & You in KL, Landmark Forum, Landmark Forum in Action, Advance Landmark, T. Harv Eker to name a few. Whilst attending these seminars, I was interested in Ekhart Tolle, and the many speakers interviewed by Oprah over the years. Oprah Winfrey was the first person my eldest sister introduced to me. She lived in Vancouver and was exposed to these self-development talk shows.

This Book 'The Four Agreements' by Don Miguel Ruiz may be deep, but if you apply it in your life, you have more peace of mind.

Dr. Phil MacGraw was another whom I learnt a lot about human behaviours. Gary Zukav on spirituality, to name a few.

I have written ebooks and sold a few. Didn't really know how to market, mostly trial and error. My previous websites were managed by my Webmasters. Some from Singapore, India-American managed team, Philippines and South Africa from elance and Odesk too.

For the last three years, I decided to go back to workforce as my children are older, and they don't need full attention. Coupled with the fact that I became a single-mom, I needed a regular income for certainty.

After I resigned from this job that I was passionate about in April 2018, I recuperate and focused on healing my body and mind. I was unconsciously empowering others at the expense of my own well-being. In Nov 2017 I could feel my stress level increased. I suddenly craved for junk food! Although I don't really feel stress, my body was showing me the signs. I was eating half boiled eggs for breakfast almost 4 times a week, can't imagined I walked into Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat deep fried chicken! Eating MacDonalds for dinner! It's so important to be aware, to listen to our thoughts and body. Obviously, my bad cholesterol went up.

In December 2017, my good friend and mentor invited us to a master-mind group meeting with some new people I have not met. We were looking at what we want to create and attract for 2018. He also talked about Ikigai. Curious, I went to google and stumble upon Den Buettner who founded Blue Zones lifestyle. He believed that people live their ikigai live long and happier. After some research I realised that he discovered what are the list of things that people do that increased their longevity. They eat 80% plant based diet. Have down time to rest and connect with their community. Move more. Take a look at his www.bluezones.com on how to live longer and better!

I was inspired and that helped me discover my small 'why' of wanting to lean towards Blue Zones lifestyle. It was to take care of myself to be fit and healthy so that my children do not have to worry about me. I don't want them to be caregiver for as long as possible. My wish is for them to focus on their life, career and relationships. That would be my gift for them.

The Big 'why' was to be a contributor to society, prevention versus intervention. Hopefully more people are inspired to take care of their fitness and health so that our government do not have to keep building hospital, the community could support, encourage and motivate each other to have a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

Apparently, after reading and talking and connecting with younger people, diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are pretty common, and its not just the seniors who are suffering from these chronic illnesses. People in their twenties too.

I find myself, constantly talking to people about self-awareness, positivities, self-empowerment and things related to self-responsibility towards our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Instead of repeating what I said, I have decided to pen it down.

Today, I put effort to write a blog. I started around midnight and realised its 5.30am. When inspiration kicked in, the fingers do the typing.

After learning how to create my own website by using a user friendly template, I could put my thoughts into my blog now at my own pace. I was inspired by many selfless people who took time to share their wins and challenges. Back in 2003, I had engaged IT savvy free lancers to create and manage my website and blog supported by my Webmaster.

A big part of the initial stage was modifying life coaching into parent coaching out of my own challenge of parenting three teenagers. I used to write articles and create videos, each time taking many hours trying on my own. I am a life long learner. After 15 years of attending seminars, self-development courses, I am still learning. It has become a good habit. Many people said I am very positive, looks like the time, money and resources put into self-development has helped me evolved to be more aware, more peaceful and motivated to improve my well-being and happy to encourage and support others to do so.

Objective - Self-Empowerment has become a way of life for me.

Since I am passionate about self-development, I might as well provide a platform for people to thrive through self empowerment for people in transition to embrace change, increase their confidence and celebrate life. A way of life where people live a purpose driven fulfilling life. Where dreams come alive! A place where people develop resilience, trust and fellowship with shared values in a supportive, friendly, encouraging and professional environment.