Women in Transition-Beatrice reflected on her experiences after several coaching sessions

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Being a woman, a wife and mother is a big challenge.

Reflection of a Life Coaching experience by a mother of three.

How Life Coaching is the beginning of successful parenting and relationship.

Beatrice is a mother of three young children. When she first contacted me through the email, I was very happy that I could reach out to people as far as Australia. I am a Professional Life Coach in Singapore. After some introduction to what Life Coaching is about, we started the first one to one session in November 2008.

I have enjoyed coaching Beatrice for 8 sessions already. We used the 'Skype' to communicate. She is very open, honest and willing. This journey is invaluable like many others who are open, honest and willing. Beatrice came across to me as one of the most committed lady who is a parent working from home. It was apparent that she love her family very much for her to engage me as her Personal Life Coach. She has a big heart to share with others too. I am most grateful that I had her permission to share how life coaching has helped her and her family.

She reflected on her experiences after several coaching sessions. Beatrice wrote:

When I contacted you, Dolly, I was pretty desperate to find a way to move myself forward, to improve the relationship with my husband and to work on the struggles I had with my three dearest kids.

I was in a lot of pain and developed indifference as a way to cope with things. It put me into a very passive state from where nothing had a chance to change. I wanted my husband to change and because he didn't/couldn't, my eyes finally opened. For something to change, I needed to start with me! And I wanted to be guided and make sure, that I get the most out of this journey. I needed some clarity and direction!

I was very happy finding you and I don't look back. It has been an intensive time and extremely enjoyable. I feel I am half way where I want to be short-term. I cannot wait for our next session to take place so I can continue the work. And I know this is only the start of a very fruitful journey for life!

What I have learnt is how important it is to have goals especially in times when just getting through a day is a challenge in itself! What opened my eyes was if you commit yourself to achieve something, all of a sudden you find the time and somehow things fall into place: What seemed to be impossible becomes in reach. Being a woman, wife and mother is a big challenge and to acknowledge every little achievement I have learnt to reward myself and celebrate!

New possibilities

I thought Beatrice's sharing was very clear and would benefit many people whom are aspiring coaches or people who are looking for a Life Coach. Her sharing of her experiences could surface some answers to questions often asked about Life Coaching; How Life Coaching is the foundation of a new way of parenting.

How life coaching help people find clarity of their life directions and how the process help people focused.

I resonates with her sharing and felt that we can empower ourselves by the shift of our mindsets. 'For anything to change it begins with me', this was one of the key things I learnt from the late Dr Wayne Dyer. And yet many men and women are stuck with the notion that they have to change their spouse, children and the people around them.

Beatrice's openness and courage to do things differently and by sharing her experiences would give hope to many families who are still stuck with parenting instead of using life coaching skills for successful parenting. I am sure, out of her generosity and contributions it will indirectly add value and impact many lives. Beatrice is so happy with her breakthroughs that she has gone on to explore life coaching training!

It has often been a challenge for me to explain why Life coaching is the foundation for successful parenting and relationship; It is also the foundation for other areas of people's lives. Coaching can only be experienced with a dialogue between two people having the trust to work together powerfully.

I am also very grateful to Beatrice for her willingness to open her heart to share her story, her challenges and her triumphs. Thank you Beatrice for your generosity, love and humility. I am sure many people and families can relate to what she have shared and benefited from it.


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