Transition Coaching

Stressful People in Life Transitions dealing with Change.

  • 45 minutes
  • Venue: To be confirmed mutually

Service Description

People in transitions who love their pay, hate their job; Wishing to move from a working career to being an entrepreneur; Stuck in a rut; Stressful parents overwhemled with parenting that doesn't work. People experiencing empty-nest syndrome, planning to retire or change in marital status. I use a simple to use Coaching tool to help people re-discover what is most important, to help you find clarity of your life directions. In two sessions, you would have at least two inspiring goals and discover what stops you and what could easily empowers you. Instead of being stuck where you are, Go ahead and email me to book a slot to find out more of what is Coaching and how does it work for you with No obligations.

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Singapore Island, Singapore