"Setting goals to cover aspects of my life has allowed me to get a balance which I was previously lacking. Consistent sessions with my coach to do a goals-audit definitely propelled me to phenomenal growth with a short span of 10 months. I admire her professionalism and definitely her sessions gave me a renewed sense of motivation to get off my butt and get things done NOW!!”  Dolly, I cannot thank you enough for the enormous positivity you have injected into my life by giving me space to reflect as well as pulling me back to take action when I was drifting away.  I think a website of your own would definitely helps others get to know more about the good work you do every single day.  I think you could write a book.  MOST OF ALL, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!!! 

Ramesh Muthusamy Founder of Alvigor Organisational Development (2019)

“During the darkest and most vulnerable moments of my life, you had generously shared your spirit of supporting, giving and caring through your coaching profession…  Meeting you through my coaching sessions had been inspiring and insightful. Your questioning skills and dialogue with me have always challenged me to deeper thinking. You were sensitive in stretching me to realize my strengths and yet balanced with endearing support and tenderness to keep me in momentum.”

“Looking back at our few months together, I am amazed by how much has happened and changed for the better in my life…  I have not only gained skills, confidence and new habits, I have also gained clarity of purpose and a real sense of wonder and amazement at all the possibilities available to me. You are a real inspiration to me.”

Chan Seow Yang, HR Senior Manager

“I am in my early thirties and had been suffering from low self-esteem. I had problem acknowledging the talents and strengths that I possessed. Being harsh and critical towards myself was a norm. During the 3 months of coaching, I began to gain clarity about what I want to achieve in life through the goals that I had set with Dolly's guidance: to challenge myself to engage in activities that would build my self-confidence and change the way I perceived myself. Now I have begun to gain a greater self-awareness and confidence and am actively working towards achieving all my goals. It has never occurred to me that life coaching could be such a transformational journey.” 

Constance, Social Worker

Hey there, Aunt Dolly :) Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to have a talk with me regarding about the management of my goals and emotions. The wheel of goals is a clear and straightforward methodology that helps me visualise the break downs of each steps or actions I should take in order to progress and eventually reaching my goals. Appreciate the sharing of this. :) I'm also grateful for you assisting me in widening my perspectives and thoughts. Slowly, I'm staying away the negativity and overthinking that not only affects myself but towards others too. I'm glad that I met you this year and we even did some activities like vertical marathon together! You're one magnificent and inspiring person and I hope to pick up more from you. :) Cheers. - Ray

Ray, my youngest daughter's friend

Thank you Dolly for arranging this Parent-Coach Workshop when majority of the parents want to know more on how to communicate with their children and be an effective parent. The workshop gives a clear perspective of what are the challenges which the children are facing currently and how diverse and different are the view points of parents and children which result in conflict.  The workshop gave us a set of guided principles on what are the better ways of communicating with their children/teenagers.  How parents chould change their mindsets and see things from their children's perspective.  The strong emphasis on problems solving by moving forward and not dwelling in the past is a strong learning point for majority of the participants.  A great workshop for parents who want to know more on how to communicate and interact with their children in a positive manner.  A job well done.

Magdalene, Parent

The Parent Coach Workshop was particularly helpful as I grapple with the demands of parenting a teenager.  It had helped me to understand the needs of my child and how I could best meet those needs.  Furthermore,  I had learnt what the dynamics of a parent-child relationship encompassed and it would be a lesson I hope I would be able to apply back home.  Credit must be attributed to Ms Dolly Yeo for facilitating this successful workshop.  I do commend her for the lively sessions and the invaluable lessons imparted.  Ms Yeo had indeed been the difference in this workshop.

Ms Lee Lay Geok, Parent

My coaching experience with you has been a very pleasant one. You are always so encouraging, inspiring, helpful, positive, enlightening, friendly and willing to lend a listening ear. Coaching with you has enabled me to sit down and 're-align' myself to what I want and what I have been doing. I have been able to identify what has been going on for me and how to plan and move ahead to where I want to go. Setting goals, executing them and achieving them have grown my confidence to levels I have never seen before. Being clear and specific on what I want has allowed me to move towards the right direction doing the correct things.  I have learned many techniques that will help me in my life during the entire process of coaching and they have served me very well. Techniques that are practical and applicable to any aspects of life that will make things better.  Every session with you has helped me to re-focus on what I need to be doing and I always walk away feeling motivated and inspired to do more and better things.  New insights have also changed the way I look at things and a paradigm shift in my mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur has struck me hard and most deeply in my pursuit for excellence in entrepreneurship.  I want to say a big "thank-you" for your professional dedication as a coach and for making a difference in my life.  Thank you very much Dolly!

Mr Lim, Entrepreneur